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Situated nationwide, Funfair Casino is one of the country's longest established Leisure Centres, owned and operated by the same family since 1974. Funfair Casino is the reference for all other Casinos in Ireland, offering the best choice in game play. From your first visit to Funfair Casino, you will appreciate the special ambiance and atmosphere of our venues. Visitors will be treated to old fashioned service by warm and welcoming staff.Players are entertained by a wide variety of video poker games and a whole range of the ever popular slot machines. With complimentary refreshments available as you play. Established in 1974, Funfair Casino has evolved into one of Ireland's most popular entertainment venues. With a large base of regular customers, from the moment you arrive you can feel the buzz of excitement as players compete for their favourite machine.


The Funfair Casino strategy


Funfair Casino profiles itself as a commercial organization which offers gaming opportunities in a socially responsible fashion and which stays in touch with society. It does so by further refining its prevention policy to counter problem gambling, and by safeguarding the comfort, safety and security of guests and staff alike. An extremely high level of quality and service is to be seen throughout the organization. Future opportunities depend on Funfair Casino maintaining its excellent reputation. It must also remain fully flexible and should achieve good operating results.Our strategy is based on a carefully considered balance between six key aims: to consolidate our position, to target a particular market position, to achieve yet greater flexibility within the organization, to enhance management quality, to increase profit margins and cost awareness, and to display a high degree of social responsibility. We shall also strive to tailor our existing locations to achieve an even better match between supply and demand. We must remain profitable by ensuring maximum efficiency. We must continue to provide the high level of service enjoyed by our guests, and we must continue to offer a range of products which establishes our unique place in the entertainment and hospitality market.

Head Office, Main St. Arklow


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